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Hello there, and welcome to the Crazy Noisy Remix Tree Wikia! I'm GlassReality45, and I've written pretty much everything here. This is based on a phenomenon that's unraveling on Scratch (a block-based coding website with a large community behind it) between me and my friend turtlehat. The basics: Someone posts a project, then the next person makes an even sillier version of it, then the original person makes a sillier version of that, and that gets reciprocated by the second person, and so on. It's been going on since March of 2018, and since then other friends have also added to the tree, making it more and more absurd every time. Because the remix tree is so expansive, it's hard to create a consistent wiki of it, but I'm doing my best! Feel free to pitch in!!

We constantly add to the remix tree with in-jokes and inane shenanigans galore, and anyone else is free to add things if they so desire.

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